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photo by Anais Wade

Members include: Raymond Pettibon, Jonny Cournoyer, Bob Rokos, Dustin Poulton, Ashley Lauren Saks, M.S. Garvey, Tomas Jacobi, Nicolas Barry, David Pope and Angie Featherstone


SOUL SEALED THE DEAL, our vinyl release. (500 pressing)
(Produced by The Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Published by Ten Rounds, Los Angeles, CA )

order SOUL SEALED THE DEAL vinyl album directly from us for $25.00

Pig State Recon Review:

2. Best SST-Related Release of 2009: THE NICHE MAKERS Soul Sealed The Deal LP (Ten Rounds Publishing) Trippy new musical projects by Raymond Pettibon are a cause for great excitement around here. His cryptic lyrics are a kind of sound poetry: cliches and truisms are deformed, devolved and reconnected in oddly intuitive ways, leaving literal meaning to wallow in the dust of free association and lolling wordplay. The squeezebox-led folkies behind him play it sympathetic and warm, but are ultimately secondary to Ray’s very personal verbage. Anyone following this man’s musical development will note this is as fucked up and peculiar as his work with SUPER SESSION, SUR DRONE, and more recently with THE UNKNOWN INSTRUCTORS. Oh and the color LP cover is a beautiful mystery to behold.

also available thru the, TENOVERSIX in Los Angeles, and AMOEBA music in San Fran.
available digitally thru ITUNES








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